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FREE DELIVERY is available in Ireland & Northern Ireland over €50

Thank you for visiting my site and learning more about my little business. 

My name is Claire and I am addicted to soap.

It all began as a way to cut down on waste. I noticed that I had filled my recycling bin with plastic hand wash bottles, plastic shampoo bottles, shower gels bottles etc. and later that day, going to the shop and buying them all again. So I decided to switch to bar soap and shampoo bars. The effect it had on my recycling bin was immediate and astonishing. 

I decided I wanted to try my hand at making my own soap and started with a soap base in 2018. I did this for about a year before switching to cold process method. I still enjoy making both types of soap. 

Since then, I haven’t stopped. Making soap is a hobby first and a business second. You will often see me produce soap with painstaking designs that take hours to perfect. It’s all a labour of love and I’m so delighted that you’re interested in buying some!

The name Gubby comes from my mother – Gobnait. Born and raised in Ballyvourney, Co. Cork – a village steeped in fokelore centered around Saint Gobnait. She was a pagan godness before Christianity claimed her and was known as the Goddess of Bees. I pay tribute to her in my logo. 

Also – hi mam! Look I’ve got my own website!


– Claire