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FREE DELIVERY is available in Ireland & Northern Ireland over €50

Our Ethos

What started as one girl trying to cut down on plastic has grown into a small business that has a strong focus on sustainability and zero-waste. I noticed that trying to live a plastic free life can often be expensive and the products lack-lustre. I try to make my products colourful and vibrant with fragrances outside of the norm, without hurting your wallet.

Our Process

Our handmade soaps are made using the cold process method – a nod to the past when ancient Babylonianss made soap by mixing volcanic ash and animal fats. 

The process remains relatively unchanged although at Gubby’s Soap, we use vegetable and seed-based oils and butters rather than animal fats and the ash has been replaced with a substance called ‘lye’. 

Our Ingredients

I only use premium oils and butters – 90% of my carrier oils come from Irish suppliers. Some of my soaps use just essential oils but for added varierty, I use fragrance oil. There’s no such thing as a cherry essential oil! Most of the colourants I use are ethically sourced micas. These, as with all my ingredients, are 100% vegan.